Emergency Broadast System

Emergency Broadcast Real Estate Finance Alert System!

This system is designed to alert Southern Oaks Mortgage, Inc. clients of potential ups and downs in the mortgage industry.  On occasion, rates will go much higher or much lower due to market news or events, guidelines can change without a moments notice and new and exciting products may come available.  This broadcast system will make you aware of these changes through an email with the subject line reading, "Emergency Broadcast Alert – from Southern Oaks Mortgage!"  I have also decided to post every alert on our website just in case you’ve missed one.  Some of these will be extremely time sensitive.  I hope this system will benefit you somehow.  And remember, you can always call us as well, 661.964.2600.


3/7/2008 – Click on Link:  
Introduction to Alert System
5/7/2008 – Click on Link:  Mortgage News at Your Fingertips!