10/19/2015- Real Cost of Home Repairs

10/13/2015 – The Real Cost of Home Repairs Check out this great infographic on what you should be spending on average maintenance on home repairs: //www.serviz.com/blog/the-real-cost-of-home-repairs-infographic Call if you have any questions Jeff Eisenberg Broker/President Southern Oaks Mortgage, Inc. jeff@somloans.com #costsofhomerepair

7/14/15 Water Conservation here in Valencia, CA

California is in a severe drought as well as the water quality being scrutinized by our state, but here in Valencia, CA  we are fending better than most! Check out this link:  //www.serviz.com/valencia-los-angeles/city/1-1073  


9/22/2014  What's New? Rates improved a slight bit today, but everyone is still expecting rates to go up a bit due to the Fed stopping their support of Mortgage Backed Securities in Oct. Stated loans and bank statement loans are making a comeback, however, they aren't exactly like their predecessor loans.  You now have to […]


The World of Lending………..yikes! It interest rates were like someones blood pressure……they'd be in the hospital for such flucuation.  Right now, we are up 16 basis points on the bond which is good for pricing, but last week it was a roller coaster ride….  

Market update for 6/3/2014

Courtesy of David Shimeyer at thetbwsgroup!         Executive Rate Market Report               Another hard day of selling in the Treasury and MBS markets. The 10 yr note has breached a key level this afternoon, trading at 2.59%. Prior to the recent decline in rates, three weeks […]

5/5/14 Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo Everyone! Hope you are all having a great day!  On a side note, today would be my mom's 73rd Birthday, but unfortunately she was taken 4 yrs. ago by Pancreatic Cancer….. Below is a picture of her and I that I thought I would share.  She was a wonderful woman and […]

4/15/14- Tax Day and New Loan Program for the Self-Employed

Well, today is TAX Day!  I hate this day…….fortunately I paid all my taxes last week so today is just a normal day for me. I've got some good news for the Self-Employed:  A new program came out and it goes something like this:  It's called a 12 Month Personal Bank Statement Program and here are […]

4/14/14 – Rate update

The mortgage bond market is slightly down today.  We are negative 17 basis points for the day.  Rates have been trending lower in the last week.  Tomorrow, the CPI is expected to be up .1% overall and the core rate, so this could be a small factor in determining the movement of the market tomorrow.  […]

3/26/2014 – The 80/10/10 Loans are BACK!!!!

80/10/10 Loans are BACK!!!! I now have a lender who does an 80% 1st mortgage with a 10% piggyback 2nd mortgage with 10% down.  The benefit of this loan is that there is NO Mortgage Insurance!!!!!!  You can use a loan like this when putting down only 10% so that you can avoid the PMI (private mortgage […]